Thursday, 30 August 2012

Jolie fille, jolie vĂȘtements, Jolie Moi!

Unfortunately, that's the extent of my French.

First off, pretty amazing news. I won 'best style and fashion advice' runner up in the New Look Holiday Hop competition on the wonderful Michelle Chai's blog Daisybutter! This means I will be getting a £30 New Look voucher through the post sometime soon and I'll be keen to make you all a post to show you what I spent it on. The other runners up entries were fab and the winners entry? WOW! Look. I'm pretty chuffed because I never seem to win anything (goes right back to my childhood and entering magazine competitions.)

Anyway, back to the sole purpose of today's post.
My list of shops is just getting longer and longer and I've another to pop onto the somewhat curling list: Jolie Moi!
They sound like my style personified, taking the latest trends but offering a vintage and wearable twist at payday friendly prices. It's only too well known that some lovely vintage-esque clothes make a hole in your lovely new purse.

Right away I'm seeing catwalk inspired trends in the garments above; oversized, geometric, monochrome, crochet, lace, slouchy, galaxy, gothic, grungy, motif, chiffon and colour block. 
Paired with ankle socks, block heels/sandals, creepers or brogues with some lovely red or pink lips and maybe even a bunny bow, you have the perfect on-trend-with-a-vintage-twist look! 
I'm irrevocably in love with numbers 1, 3 and 4. Many people know that I am animal mad and will happily stop traffic to let a bunny cross the road (or in a funny case have a hare run alongside me at 40mph), so the wildlife dress is perfect for me. The beautiful motif caught my eye and I love the gothic mesh skirt that goes with it. The skull dress is a lovely autumnal colour and what's brilliant is they have different facial skeletal? expressions. Finally, the polka dots. I love a good sequence of spots and a bodycon style to show off your curves, and the crochet lace frill trim makes it a winner for me.

I urge you to check them out. 

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

I'm the Cat With the Bass and Drum

Wearing: Dress from Dorothy Perkins,
Biker Jacket and Necklace from New Look 
and Brogue Creepers from  Mr Shoes

Me and the boyfriend, Phil, spent Bank Holiday Monday at the coast. We only see each other Friday night through to Sunday night and for the past 5 or 6 weeks we've been volunteering at The Rabbit Residence Rescue on Saturdays, meaning Sundays have been spent laid on the sofa knackered or pottering around in the garden. We took this extra day and used it to head out together - we've not been adventuring anywhere recently and it's something we love doing. We popped to a lavender farm and then headed out onto the coast where we had chips and ice cream (obviously). 
Anyway, above is my outfit of the day, once again the biker jacket makes an appearance. I love these brogue creepers to the moon and back - they look great and they're so comfy, I spent all day walking in them and my feet were still pain free by the end.

Any of you planning on shopping at Motel? I have a fabbo promotional code entitling you to 20% off! If you weren't planning on it, I bet you're tempted to now aren't you? 

Friday, 24 August 2012

Fifties Shades (of Grey old UK).

My favourite, most bought (and lost) accessories are sunglasses and today it clicked just how short summer really is, and to my recollection, I don't remember wearing my sunnies much at all. They're all hiding away in their little bags in my boyfriends car in the hopes of us going out and there being sun. 
Photo Source: Jak & Jil;

I've decided I now want a timeless pair so I've been hitting the online shopping world oohing over the latest designer offerings and ahhing over the purse friendlier versions. 

My most loved styles at the moment are cats eye or big and printed, but it's mainly all about the vintage style frame following in the catwalk footsteps of Erdem, Nicole Fhari, Prada and Missoni. Right now I'm craving a pair with a little personality that can brighten up my face and the below are absolutely perfect. Most of my picks echo a dainty fifties style and I'm hard pressed to choose a favourite between the D&G picnic print, the Fendi cats eyes, the Models Own red cats and the Viva La Diva angular or peaked cats. Meow!

The below are all from Fashionworld!
Their selection is better than I ever expected so I'm surprised I narrowed it down this far! Cats eyes are fab for bringing out your cheek bones and immediately give you a retro vibe, and in my case make me want to smack on some red lippy, don a bunny bow hair tie, a flowing summer dress and a pair of dainty ankle socks. End daydream. Textured and printed sunglasses are ideal for those who don't want to brave the all over aztec, lace or floral prints but still want to bring a statement to their look. They can brighten up a simple outfit or, if brave enough, aid to a kooky clash. 

Sunglasses don't just have to be a summer thing so don't feel compelled to shut them away for the winter when the temperature drops. One of my favourite things is seeing sunglasses being worn in the autumn and winter sun - the sun is bright whatever the season so don't feel put off by it. If anything, you'll look super chic! 

I have a purple pair of sunnies that are slightly angled, but now I want to go all out with style and colour. Bring it on! 

This is a sponsored post.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

New Look #holidayhop giveaway!

"Imagine you are going to Ibiza for a long weekend. Create a post on your blog stating which items from the New Look store you would wear to complete each of the following outfits on your holiday. You have 5 outfits for 5 occasions, so which items would you wear and why? Head over to the New Look store and start picking your favourite party dressesbikinis and accessories. 
Style these Looks: Travel Style, Poolside, Beach It, Sunset Supper, Beach to Club."

For travelling we all understand that being comfy is key - but who said you can't be stylish? Ditch the trusty turn-to tracksuit bottoms and turn to a pair of disco pants. As the older and funkier sister of leggings, disco pants give you a good amount of comfort and stretch, you can contort yourself into almost any position whilst trying to get comfy on long journeys. Chunky sole plimsoles will hug your feet whilst walking to the furthest away department gate and this chunky knit cardigan is perfect to snuggle into after slipping on sunglasses to hide telltale bags. Speaking of bags, this is perfect to fit in plenty of fashion magazines, food and duty free goodies. Jet-set chic, oui?

This is a fab little bikini, it aptly reminds me of an ice lolly. I've never worn a bikini, so if this is to be my first one then go all out and make it bright. The woven bag is perfect to pop in a book to read by the pool, along with suncream to prevent lobsteritis. The the crochet top and shorts act as a great little cover up while the woven sandals just scream holiday and are ideal alongside these retro frame cats eyes. 
I'd be tempted to head out sightseeing in this number! Versatile.

The studded heart earrings are super quirky so I decided this look needed to have a burst of colour and embrace the Ibiza vibe, therefore, lime green tootsies are a must! Jelly shoes offer a legendary and childish blast from the past and the sunglasses are a must because if not you'll be squinting all the time and look like an angry and unapproachable tourist. This is such a cute one piece and when you pop the shorts over the bottom half you appear to have a whole new look because the top half of this suit acts as a cami/ strapless affair. I'd say the hat and bag are pretty self explanatory.  

A lovely sunset supper means that a flowy little number and a bit of glitter is a must, the denim jacket is for when that cool holiday breeze breaks out and to make you look like this is look is effortlessly casual. These magazine clutches will suit to a T and indicates a fashion savvy individual. Hand chains, to me, represent a more exotic style so are perfect to be worn sat at a table overlooking the sea watching the sun set. Rock a soft and light smokey eye and match nails with the main item in the look, and you are ready to impress. 
You don't want to be hitting the club straight from the beach in just a sarong (unless it's that sort of club) so you need to rock beach glam! Matching accessories and shoes make this simple beach worthy playsuit club ready. When they say accessories can make an outfit, its true, it's as easy as that. It's always good to have a little bit of gold (or any metallic) catching the lights in the club, this way you sparkle across the dance floor like you belong there. Fabulously, this bag can be used as a clutch or can be slipped over your shoulder leaving your hands free to get your groove on. 

I'll admit, I tried to pick everything to settle within the £400 prize budget but I failed miserably. I guess that's why New Look is my favourite high street store! Simply irresistible.

Monday, 20 August 2012

House of Fraser Blogger Style Challenge

I love a good outfit compilation, so when I was over on Katie's blog and saw that House of Fraser blog were doing a blogger style challenge, I couldn't resist entering it myself. All you have to do is head to to check out their A/W new arrivals, pick your favourite items and create a look. Blog it, mention where you'd wear it, comment here with a link to your post - and you're done! Simple. I hope you all enjoy it - I spent 2 hours surfing new arrivals and putting together three different looks. This one though, was my ultimate choice. 

A good deal of monochrome has been showcased on the runways for A/W '12, just take a look at the Chanel and Moschino collections, so I decided to take inspiration from this and mix it up. A/W collections admittedly often have quite dull colours and we all need a bit of a boost through the long, cold, overcast months. So pick one piece that will really kick off your look and adorn with season must haves such as a biker jacket embellished with studs, ankle boots, tassels and animal print texture - the sunnies are to keep that bright autumn sun out, who says you can't wear sunglasses in autumn and winter? 

With this I love how you can look chic and edgy at the same time. In an ideal world this would be worn strutting the sidewalks of New York in November buying Christmas presents for family and friends and of course cheeky presents for myself!

Friday, 17 August 2012

Welcome to Mallzee!

Yesterday I got quite an exciting email introducing me and inviting me to new website Mallzee! They've been looking for bloggers to feature them and to guest blog for them once up and running and of course, once asked, I said yes!


In a perfect world I'm almost sure all us fashionistas would love to be paid to shop, and although I suspect it is to be a small amount, this is what Malzee intend to offer! If someone buys something via your mall you earn a little bit of money.

What sells it more for me, personally, is the social aspect offered. Each of us creates our own little Mall containing our favourite brands and stores (I love creating collections and my Fashiolista profile and fashion based Pinterest albums show that). Mallzee will learn your personal style and match up product suggestions for you which could be oh so dangerous for our bank balances but oh so healthy for our wardrobes! We can invite friends to visit our mall via Facebook chat, although I'm almost certain only a measly 4 of my Facebook friends would join and even then wouldn't be on Facebook chat at the time - so I hope there is a way to make new friends via the site or find bloggers you follow.

You can discuss products with friends and suggest items they may like and vice versa. If you're stuck on what to buy or just want to get opinions and a discussion going, you can ask polls. 

Discounts are in it for us too, who doesn't love a ruddy good discount code?

Over 200 brands are signed up, which sounds very promising, including many well known like Office, Miss Selfridge, New Look, Urban Outfitters, Feel Unique and St. Tropez.

So if you fancy it, sign up for a pre-launch invite to gain first access when they go live later this year here and be entered into a draw to win £100 worth of shopping vouchers and some other cheeky little goodies! Apparently, invites are limited so get those pinkies out.

When they go live I'll check it out fully and bring you a review. 

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Olympic Vogue

It was quite sad watching the Olympics go Sunday night, I never thought I would get into it as much as I have. I do think that they should have incorporated the Paralympics into the whole saga rather than separate them and bung them on Channel 4 and More4 at a later date, after the closing ceremony.

Nevertheless, hands up who got excited when 'Fashion' by David Bowie echoed round the stadium as eight billboards were towed in, bearing photos of some of the most well known British Models donning some of the best British Couture? I know I did.
British Vogue were responsible for this glittering masterpiece as they handpicked British designers to adorn the likes of Lily Cole, Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Georgia May Jagger, Lily Donaldson, Stella Tennant, Jourdan Dunn, Karen Elson and David Gandy. And the theme? GOLD! Of course
Source: InStyle
The billboards featured photos from the September Issue of Vogue, taken by Nick Knight (check them all out here). The monochrome was a fantastic touch to later give way to the glittering gowns and of course Gandy. 
Source: Reuters
Each of the white sections of the union flag were fittingly used as runways to showcase Erdem, Alexander McQueen, Burberry, Vivienne Westwood, Jonathan Saunders and Stephen Jones, Christopher Kane and Paul Smith.
The marching 'footsoldiers' timing left a lot to be desired as they escorted in the billboards, but in the end they all came together to create a fitting memoir to Alexander McQueen as a classic skull. 

While some may debate the showcase of fashion at the ceremony as a ploy to advertise or an invalidation of claims of a healthy body image - fashion is as much a part of Britain as music and Russell Brand!

What were your best bits?

Monday, 13 August 2012

I am not a hasbeen. I am a will be.

There's nothing more I love than a blast from the past, so the decadent feel of Swedish Hasbeens leaves me falling at their feet. You are certainly paying for quality here, it seems they will last forever and for something as beautiful as these - that's exactly what I want. They're made of completely natural material meaning they're kind to both the earth and your pocket when it comes to replacing elements and completely individual due to the nature of the materials so each pair have their own character. What's more, they're still made the old fashioned way; handmade in small traditional shoe factories carrying the intended 70's style and expression further into the 21st century.

When I used to think clogs, I thought of the white surgical ones my dentist wears or what my primary school teachers wore; now, I think Swedish Hasbeens.

A forever shoe providing you look after them like a baby - that, I would.