Friday, 17 August 2012

Welcome to Mallzee!

Yesterday I got quite an exciting email introducing me and inviting me to new website Mallzee! They've been looking for bloggers to feature them and to guest blog for them once up and running and of course, once asked, I said yes!


In a perfect world I'm almost sure all us fashionistas would love to be paid to shop, and although I suspect it is to be a small amount, this is what Malzee intend to offer! If someone buys something via your mall you earn a little bit of money.

What sells it more for me, personally, is the social aspect offered. Each of us creates our own little Mall containing our favourite brands and stores (I love creating collections and my Fashiolista profile and fashion based Pinterest albums show that). Mallzee will learn your personal style and match up product suggestions for you which could be oh so dangerous for our bank balances but oh so healthy for our wardrobes! We can invite friends to visit our mall via Facebook chat, although I'm almost certain only a measly 4 of my Facebook friends would join and even then wouldn't be on Facebook chat at the time - so I hope there is a way to make new friends via the site or find bloggers you follow.

You can discuss products with friends and suggest items they may like and vice versa. If you're stuck on what to buy or just want to get opinions and a discussion going, you can ask polls. 

Discounts are in it for us too, who doesn't love a ruddy good discount code?

Over 200 brands are signed up, which sounds very promising, including many well known like Office, Miss Selfridge, New Look, Urban Outfitters, Feel Unique and St. Tropez.

So if you fancy it, sign up for a pre-launch invite to gain first access when they go live later this year here and be entered into a draw to win £100 worth of shopping vouchers and some other cheeky little goodies! Apparently, invites are limited so get those pinkies out.

When they go live I'll check it out fully and bring you a review. 


  1. This is awesome!!!!! Quite excited about this, love your blog!! I'm your latest follower! :)

    1. It's quite exciting isn't it! A really good idea. Thank you very much :) I'm now going to check out yours xx

  2. i'd love to have unlimited funds, lol! great post. :)



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