Friday, 24 August 2012

Fifties Shades (of Grey old UK).

My favourite, most bought (and lost) accessories are sunglasses and today it clicked just how short summer really is, and to my recollection, I don't remember wearing my sunnies much at all. They're all hiding away in their little bags in my boyfriends car in the hopes of us going out and there being sun. 
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I've decided I now want a timeless pair so I've been hitting the online shopping world oohing over the latest designer offerings and ahhing over the purse friendlier versions. 

My most loved styles at the moment are cats eye or big and printed, but it's mainly all about the vintage style frame following in the catwalk footsteps of Erdem, Nicole Fhari, Prada and Missoni. Right now I'm craving a pair with a little personality that can brighten up my face and the below are absolutely perfect. Most of my picks echo a dainty fifties style and I'm hard pressed to choose a favourite between the D&G picnic print, the Fendi cats eyes, the Models Own red cats and the Viva La Diva angular or peaked cats. Meow!

The below are all from Fashionworld!
Their selection is better than I ever expected so I'm surprised I narrowed it down this far! Cats eyes are fab for bringing out your cheek bones and immediately give you a retro vibe, and in my case make me want to smack on some red lippy, don a bunny bow hair tie, a flowing summer dress and a pair of dainty ankle socks. End daydream. Textured and printed sunglasses are ideal for those who don't want to brave the all over aztec, lace or floral prints but still want to bring a statement to their look. They can brighten up a simple outfit or, if brave enough, aid to a kooky clash. 

Sunglasses don't just have to be a summer thing so don't feel compelled to shut them away for the winter when the temperature drops. One of my favourite things is seeing sunglasses being worn in the autumn and winter sun - the sun is bright whatever the season so don't feel put off by it. If anything, you'll look super chic! 

I have a purple pair of sunnies that are slightly angled, but now I want to go all out with style and colour. Bring it on! 

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