Monday, 28 January 2013

Preview: Dixi

Yesterday morning, Dixi, an online haven for vintage and modern clothing and accessories, released their latest stunning collection. I wouldn't be a very good blogger if I just left it there would I? In that case, it's a good job I've been given the chance to give you a little preview to wet your whistles before you hop on over to their site and haul-away. 
Aren't they lovely? Dixi really have captured contemporary fashion and trends in these mostly vintage or vintage style finds, this means you can give your little on trend look a big hit of personality. One thing I love about Dixi, other than their clothing and accessories exuding sui generis, are their druzy pieces. I don't recall seeing any in jewellery collections elsewhere, so I was immediately drawn to these striking rough cut stone items which give incredible texture and sparkle.
Maxi skirts are undoubtedly staying for yet another season, so these jersey numbers are a wardrobe staple - the wine red version is undeniably bang on trend right now. Rose gold is becoming more and more apparent and if you've not got a little piece in your collection, the aztec double spike bangle is a great place to start. Meanwhile, the  aztec earrings, antique finish turquoise rings, moonstone rings and rose quartz ring scream Grecian goddess. 

In order to keep to the Dixi promise, that their customers are the unique ladies in the crowd getting complimented for such eye-catching and different pieces, most of these jewellery items will be one offs. Once it's gone, it's gone. No going back. So if there's something here that catches your eye you'll need to head to the website sharpish!

Below are my favourite pieces from the preview which I've popped together to create a look.

Monochrome will be a big SS13 hit - personally I'm really excited to try it - so I popped together this mono look which is accentuated by the statement red garnet ring. (Okay, beige and black isn't strictly monochrome but I won't tell if you don't, ok?) Pair with a skinny belt, sunnies and black ankle boots for an effortless, yet chic, springtime look.

EXCLUSIVE: Free UK shipping code for my readers on a purchase of £15 or over for 7 days, starting Sunday 27th January and ending Sunday 3rd Feb. Use code: BLOGGERDISC

There are so many more new items in addition to these, 100+ I think, so check out the new in section of the Dixi online shop here.

You can also visit the Dixi eBay storeFacebook & Twitter

What are your favourites? Happy shopping!

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Celebrating Cambridge Fashion

Wednesday 20th February through to Sunday 24th will see the city of Cambridge follow in the big fashion footprints of its predecessors as the very first 'Cambridge Style Week' makes a big hit. Set to innovate, inform and inspire, the completely non profit event will bring together the best of British and, more importantly, Cambridge fashion, designers and brands. Whether you study fashion, run a fashion blog or simply just can't get enough of shopping for shoes, clothes and accessories; there will be something for everyone. 
As a blogger for the event, and a general fashion event lover (you'll often see me sat there at events, attractively open mouthed with my camera in hand), I wanted to let you all know about this fantastic venture in the hopes of you being able to attend and support it in its first year.
Photo credit: Debbie Wallwork Photography

The Timetable of Events is as follows:

Wednesday 20th February
6.30pm - 
'Best of British' catwalk event.
The very first event of the week is focused upon showcasing the best of British style and design. I couldn't think of a better place to start.
Seated tickets are £35 including complimentary drink on arrival, and standing tickets £5.

Thursday 21st February
6.30pm -
'Cutting-Edge Cambridge Design' catwalk event. 

*Sponsored by Catherine Jones Jewellery of Cambridge*
The second night will be celebrating and showcasing the designers and their fabulous creations that are destined for success in 2013 and future years. 
Seated tickets are £10 and standing tickets £5.

Friday 22nd February
6.30pm -
'Ethical and Sustainable Fashion' Fundraising Gala.

*In aid Born to be Beautiful (Registered Charity No: 1144946)*
Showcasing ethical and sustainable fashion whilst raising money and awareness for women living in poverty and slavery. Born to be Beautiful are committed to restoring the hope of a future by giving women the beauty skills needed to set up their own businesses to help support themselves and their families, all over the globe.
Featuring Zoe Boomer's latest collection.
Seated tickets are £35 including complimentary drink on arrival, and standing tickets £5.

Saturday 23rd February
1pm-6.30pm -
Boutique Experience.
While businesses will set up pop up shops throughout the week for those of us attending events, this particular day is aimed at opening the doors to the public.

Free entry, reserve your place.
6.30pm - 'Spring/Summer 2013 & Lingerie' catwalk event.

*Sponsored by Clamp Optometrists*
Quite possibly the most anticipated event of the week, this catwalk will feature the hottest SS13 trends, lingerie and swimwear. Featuring Prohibido Lingerie.

Seated tickets are £35 including complimentary drink on arrival, and standing tickets £5.

Sunday 24th February
11am-2pm - '
My Happy Ever After Wedding and Prom Fair'.
Includes guest speakers to talk about tips and trends, live music, exhibitors and exclusive discounts.
Free entry but optional 50p entry donation to Maggies Cancer Caring Centres (Registered Charity No: SC024414) Reserve your place.

8pm - 'VIP Closing Party' at the exclusive 12a Club (on the market square above Don Pasquale Restaurant).
To celebrate an inevitably successful event, this VIP party will bring everyone at CSW together to mingle including: designers, CSW staff, special guests, press and bloggers, models and CSW attendees. 

Tickets are £35 and includes drink on arrival.
Photo Credit: Debbie Wallwork Photography
Tickets can be bought/places reserved online directly through the links above, through the Cambridge Style Week Website or on the Anglia Ruskin University online store. 
If you'd prefer, they can also be bought in person from GD Designer Style Hire at 47 Newman Rd, Cambridge and Modish Shoes; 3 Green Street, Cambridge.

Let me know if you plan on attending, it would be fantastic to see lots of you there. 

This post will be updated with new details as the event nears.

Monday, 14 January 2013

Swimwear365 January Guest Blogger

I think I may resign myself to hibernating with all this snow. I've got my night planned: a quick browse through blogs, put the bunnies to bed early despite their protests and go to bed to watch Crazy Stupid Love and have my Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone fix.
In contrast to this thick white stuff falling from the sky and finding its way up my nose, now would be a great time to let you all know that I have been a very lucky girl and have been chosen as Swimwear365's guest blogger of the month! I've written a little piece for them featuring some of their collection for a much needed, and unfortunately imaginary, warm break to the beautiful island of Antigua, you can see my post hereIt would be much appreciated if you would take a peep, and if you enjoy it then that's a bonus. Sending you all warm thoughts!

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Purely Natural '2 Dry Cleanser'

I am a self confessed skincare/cleansing novice. I have no 'routine' per se; I simply drink a lot of water and wash with nothing special. I've been influenced by plenty of beauty bloggers to expand on my skincare and maybe pick up a routine, and whilst I was on the hunt for something new, Purely Natural Skincare were on the hunt for bloggers to review some of their products - a match made in heaven. I'll introduce you quickly to Purely Natural Skincare. They're a company dedicated to creating 100% natural and handmade skincare products which are chemical free, cruelty free and vegan friendly, all of which are made in Great Britain. They have a wealth of knowledge and experience on their website giving out tips and tricks on how to cope with different types of skin and skin conditions, what you can try and do to improve your skin, plus a comprehensive list of natural ingredients and their benefits. What impresses me most is they don't just take into account sensitive, damaged, dry, 'normal' and oily skin with their grades (0 Tolerance, 1 for all, 2 dry, 4 Oily) but they also pay attention to skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, psoriasis, eczema and even cellulite. 

I've not got 'bad' skin, however that may be defined,  but I can be prone to dry, sore and sensitive skin particularly at the edges of my nose and the top of my cheek bones, therefore I opted for the '2 Dry Cleanser' and gave it a whirl over the course of a week. I've always been wary about trying products littered with chemicals and harsh ingredients. I've not always been convinced that they actually do any good; I've had my fair share of bathroom dramas featuring stinging moisturisers, so I was really excited to try it. 

As you can see they send a little tip sheet along with your product specifically aimed at the type of skin you have, handy stuff! When I popped it open I was initially greeted by a lovely herby smell, a great plus as there's nothing worse than having skincare or makeup items having an unpleasant aroma about them when you put them on your face. The consistency, as noted by other bloggers, is definitely like cookie dough. I was initially surprised but of course had nothing to compare it against as I've never used a cleanser before. It's simple enough to use; you crumble off as much or as little of the 'dough' as you like, you don't need a huge amount, and add to a small amount of water before rubbing between your hands to create a paste. It breaks down incredibly easily. I think the last time I stood at the sink in awe was when I had one of those magic flannels that expanded in water. I'm unsure of what the consistency should be, but I found it to be more effective when it was thicker as a couple of times I accidentally added too much water and I didn't feel the same gratifying effects. 

You simply massage into the skin and problem areas in a circular motion, and despite the particles in it, it doesn't feel half as grainy as I thought it would. Rinsing off was one of the toughest parts, we've got quite a small sink and simply chucking water over your face is nowhere near as easy as you think it is - after I had finished the first time it looked like Shamu had fallen through the roof of the house and landed in the bath. I find I get the best, but messiest, results when rinsing with handfuls of water. I've been using large cotton wool pads the past few nights to save mess, but you must rinse it off thoroughly or you may find rogue drying particles which add to your already dry skin. Maybe using it in the shower would be a good idea? A couple of times whilst rinsing I've got bits in my eyes, but please bare in mind I am ridiculously clumsy so this could well just be me.

Now, onto the nitty gritty - the results! I've been using it every night and my skin feels amazingly refreshed after a long day, not only that but my skin looks incredibly smooth, and feels gloriously tight (something I never expected). I can imagine it would be a great wake up aid in the morning so would be tempted to use it twice a day rather than once as recommended. It's caused no redness or soreness which I'm prone to but I do appear to have developed a couple more dry patches over the last couple of uses (sad face). I'm unsure whether this is due to not having put on moisturiser with it ( I initially wanted to see what the cleanser was capable of by itself), not rinsing off properly, having more sensitive skin than I ever imagined or simply because my stress levels have shot through the roof the past two days. Needless to say I will still be using this regularly, it was doing a great job of ridding dry patches on it's own and the two small ones I have now aren't noticeable, it's only because I can feel them that I know they're there - I have hope! 

It retails for £6.95 which is great for an organic, vegan, all singing and all dancing cleanser. Due to natural ingredients it has a shelf life of approximately 4 months but that shouldn't be a problem if you are going to be using it every day. 

In the end, would I buy this in the future? Possibly, BUT I would be more inclined to buy the '0 tolerance cleanser' instead which is especially designed for sensitive skin and use alongside the '2 dry moisturiser' for a killer combo.

Take a look at their website here and have a look at their great range. There's a cheeky sale on at the moment too so you can get a gift pack featuring two products for cheaper than buying them both separately. 

Will you be trying them? Or have you already? 

Monday, 7 January 2013

On the sunny side of the street

Wearing: Hat from Topshop, Biker Jacket from New Look, 
T-Shirt from Zara, Skirt from Primark and 
Loafers from F&F at Tesco

So it seems candid won this weekend! I'm rather useless as a fashion blogger when it comes to posing and facial expressions; I look completely unnatural akin to the sight of a running giraffe. I'll admit that in the last photo my other half Phil was about to be on the receiving end of some expletives as he shoved the camera in my face,  taking 'close up' to a whole new see-up-my-nose level. But it doesn't look half bad eh?
I don't think I've featured my latest favourite item on the blog yet, all hail my pork pie hat. I got it for my birthday in November and it's firmly attached to my head a lot of the time, it's one of those items that you obsessively wear because it's shiny and new and all you can think about. It's versatile and cute but best of all it fits!
Both the belted skater skirt and T-Shirt were Christmas gifts. The skirt is textured and is perfectly flattering for my figure while the T-Shirt was an obvious must have as it's a BUNNY and becomes the fifth item of rabbit themed clothing in my wardrobe. 
I really like this outfit actually, it's completely different to what I was going to wear and was literally a throw together job which looks much better than I initially envisioned. 

I'd love to know what your current wardrobe favourite is?