Monday, 1 October 2012

Live your life, do your work, then take your hat.

Apologies for my little disappearing act; Dynamo eat your heart out! 
I've only done two posts in the whole of September and that is shocking, an ashamedly poor attempt from me.
Anyhow, there's a pair of mad print treggings residing in my wardrobe which I bought from TK Maxx a couple of weeks ago and I refuse to wear them, or do an outfit post, until I have a hat to wear with them. I'm really loving bowlers, pork pies and fedoras so here's a selection of my favourites all under £30. 

Top: Cute domed crown bowler hat - OASAP  £14.30 (14 colours), Felt roll brim bowler - ASOS £16, Roller bowler hat - Topshop £25 (3 colours);
Middle: Jameela Jamil fedora - Very £25,  Pork Pie hat - Topshop £25 (3 colours) , Felt hat with grosgrain trim - H&M £7.99 (2 colours) ;
Bottom: Felt pork pie - ASOS £20 , Mini roller hat - Topshop £25 (4 colours) , Sweet heart shaped cut out hat OASAP £26.65 (2 colours);

I have to be careful ordering online though as there is a 90% chance they won't fit due the classic 'one size' and 'my head is larger than average' scenario. Hopefully I can try a few on in store, the last thing I want is to balance one on my head only to have it ripped off by the winter winds. 

What are your thoughts on hats? Love them or hate them?