Monday, 1 October 2012

Live your life, do your work, then take your hat.

Apologies for my little disappearing act; Dynamo eat your heart out! 
I've only done two posts in the whole of September and that is shocking, an ashamedly poor attempt from me.
Anyhow, there's a pair of mad print treggings residing in my wardrobe which I bought from TK Maxx a couple of weeks ago and I refuse to wear them, or do an outfit post, until I have a hat to wear with them. I'm really loving bowlers, pork pies and fedoras so here's a selection of my favourites all under £30. 

Top: Cute domed crown bowler hat - OASAP  £14.30 (14 colours), Felt roll brim bowler - ASOS £16, Roller bowler hat - Topshop £25 (3 colours);
Middle: Jameela Jamil fedora - Very £25,  Pork Pie hat - Topshop £25 (3 colours) , Felt hat with grosgrain trim - H&M £7.99 (2 colours) ;
Bottom: Felt pork pie - ASOS £20 , Mini roller hat - Topshop £25 (4 colours) , Sweet heart shaped cut out hat OASAP £26.65 (2 colours);

I have to be careful ordering online though as there is a 90% chance they won't fit due the classic 'one size' and 'my head is larger than average' scenario. Hopefully I can try a few on in store, the last thing I want is to balance one on my head only to have it ripped off by the winter winds. 

What are your thoughts on hats? Love them or hate them?


  1. such cute hats, I love the grey marl one xx

    1. I think the Topshop grey marl is my favourite. They do it in black as well but I can't decide which to get. xx

  2. Hat, cute hats.. I Like it all so much! : )

  3. great Post!!! i like your blog! maybe we follow each other ? let me know :) greetings

  4. i love hats but my head is absolutely massive and I can never get one to fit :| x

    1. I have the exact same problem! It took me a good year before I found a straw hat for summer.
      I can really recommend the Topshop pork pie hats though. I went in and tried on their mini roller bowler but that was ridiculously small, I then tried on the pork pie and it fit perfectly, a little big if anything. xx

  5. I like the Jameela Jamil fedora hat, so vamp!


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