Monday, 11 February 2013

Blogger's Breakfast with John Lewis and Cambridge Style Week

Yesterday morning saw the first ever Blogger's Breakfast hosted by John Lewis, Cambridge. The event was a preliminary taster for Cambridge Style Week, giving bloggers and CSW staff alike a sneak peek of some of their Spring/Summer 13 range to be showcased on the runway later in the month.
At 9.30am, before shop hours (ooh how exclusive), we were whisked upstairs to the Brasserie where we were seated at aptly decorated tables featuring spring/summer accessories, laden with cute heart shaped chocolates. We were fuelled with much needed coffee and pastries whilst we chatted among ourselves meeting our fellow fashion and blogging savvy peers before being introduced to the absolutely wonderful John Lewis fashion advisory team. They were all genuinely excited to have us there, as they explained it was their very first event of this kind and really had gone all out, and little did they know, it was my very first event like this too. I was made to feel very welcome. 
After initial introductions and breakfast we were split into two groups, our first stop? Fashion advisory! We met with the stylists whose job it is to provide much needed advice to all who are lost or lack inspiration when it comes to their wardrobe. Whether you need a new dress for a special occasion, have lost weight and/or have no idea of your shape, need a brand new capsule wardrobe due to being time poor or simply want to find yourself again after a big change in your life; these ladies are here to help with no obligation to buy. 

As a fashion advice service, they offer so much more than just doing the shopping for you. They will help you discover your body shape and teach you how to dress for it and will show you how to dress for your skin tone based on whether you are yellow or blue toned. If you have an item in your wardrobe you absolutely love but have no idea what to wear with it, they'll sort that out too!

This is a FREE service but you must remember to book. As you can imagine, this is extremely popular and there are only a certain amount of hours in a working day - two of which will be taken up transforming you and your wardrobe. All of the above takes place in one of their two fantastically spacious and air conditioned advisory rooms on a one-to-one basis with a stylist, or if you'd prefer you can bring a friend. Many men and women pay for this type of service, but when this is handed to you on a plate for free it makes you wonder why! I hope to take advantage of this service in the near future.
To clear up any suspicion, no, these ladies do not work on commission. Whether you buy every single item they pick out for you or none at all, you all receive the same incredible customer service simply because this is their job and this is what they love to do. An example of this is the wonderful Dorothy, an inspirational and popular member of staff among us bloggers (we just wanted to give her a big squishy hug). Dorothy prides herself on being able to help change peoples lives through fashion by giving them confidence in themselves and the confidence to be themselves. She proudly told us how she absolutely loved her job and had been doing it for 8 years and never tired of seeing women visibly change in terms of self esteem before her very eyes. There's absolutely no doubt about it, she wasn't lying when she says you'll be bff's by the end of your session.
After this, we were then shown some spring/summer '13 pieces from John Lewis exclusive brands including John Lewis Collection, John Lewis Weekend, Mint Velvet, Kin (the only brand in store to cater for women, men and children; Von Trapp-esque family here I come), Ghost and of course the madly anticipated Somerset by Alice Temperley.I was glued to the chic Somerset collection which boasts a mixture of blues, nudes, beads, stripes, and tile prints which starkly contrasts against the bright bold prints of a JL Weekend top, pyjama trouser and jumpsuit set (as above) noted to be the bravest print they'd ever had in (I can see why!). I also fell head over heels with the Ghost Giselle dress (as pictured above). Everything about this dress screams romance to me, particularly the elegant buttons placed on the waist and the wonderfully gentle colour, perfect for awards season. If, however, the colour doesn't particularly float your boat you can have it dyed absolutely any colour your heart desires... for free! There's simply no excuse, gosh I wish I had a reason to wear it.Our second stop was over in the lingerie department where we met with Tina who was eager to let us all know about their bra fitting service - something I must get done at some point. I cooed over pieces from Elle Macpherson and their own JL Collection, the nudes and pinks were gorgeous and predicted to be a big hit this season. This service is again free but there is no need to book, fitting is on demand meaning you can fit it into your day easily.The morning then ended with a final thank you and goodbye and a blogger's lucky dip in which I got a Tisserand hand and nail cream which will undoubtedly be a new handbag essential. A lovely token of generosity.I came out with a completely different view of JL just knowing that I'd be back. I knew they were renowned for their customer service, striking up conversations as you wander showing a real interest in what you've come in for; (as I discussed with some of the ladies, there's nothing worse than going in a shop to spend money only to be stared down by an uninterested member of staff) but it was never a place I turned to, to shop for clothes (with the exception of my Barbour Jacket). This is simply that I always assumed this to be a shop for middle aged and above clientele with money to spend; an absolutely awful assumption to have now I have realised what a fantastic dynamic shop this really is! They cater for all ages, and it's worth shopping high street brands here such as Mango, Oasis and Ted Baker just for the 90 day money back guarantee.JL will be showcasing their exclusive Alice Temperley Somerset ready-to-wear collection on the runway on the first night of Cambridge Style Week - 20th February - as part of the Best of British Gala. Tickets start at £5.Until then, keep up to date with CSW via:Their website and blog.Twitter not forgetting to use the hashtag #cambstyleFacebook: Cambridge Style WeekInstagram: cambsstyleweekPinterest: Cambridge Style WeekI hope you enjoyed the second instalment in my Cambridge Style Week series (and didn't go through too many cups of tea or coffee), I look forward to bringing you more goss, interviews and photos from the events themselves later on in the month! I cannot wait.


  1. ove it girly and the pictures are amazing!!! the pic of me however is not, your in trouble ;-) lol

  2. Hi guys,I really admire the premise of the article about EventPro brings brands to life by staffing events with brand ambassadors, street teams, convention staff, flash mobs.Thanks

  3. Amazing post! I love these pictures (: I wish I was there! It looks like it was extremely fun and inspiring :D
    I especially love the John Lewis Weekend exclusive brand. That print in the picture is so adorable and vibrant!
    I'm so excited to check up on your blog and see more of these Cambridge Style week series posts! ;)

    Hope you have a chic day xx


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  5. Oh wow, this sounds like such an awesome event! Lovely snaps.

    The Style Rawr!

  6. thank you so soooooooooo much for your wonderful words!you made our day!!!:)so sweet!!!:))
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  7. ah your so lucky! the photos are lovely- i never think to go into john lewis xx

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  9. The tote and boots in the wardrobe look lovely!

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  10. Yay! Was so excited about reading your blog post - i love it! :) and it was nice to finally meet you in person on Sunday too!!
    Natalie xoxo
    The Blonde Ethos

  11. You are such an eloquent writer, it looks like you had a great time! I really love your blog, I can't believe I've only just found it! Definitely following you now :)

  12. That event sounds amazing, I need to get myself to one of those! And I LOVE the sound of the fashion advisory service at John Lewis.

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, I appreciate the tips on tripod photography! I'm your newest GFC follower :)

    Jo x

  13. This looked like such a great event, the brunch looks delicious!

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  14. Perfect day !
    Love the pics!


    Coline, Love from France !


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