Monday, 18 February 2013

Pounds or Practically Pennies: Cut it out

It's been a long time coming, but today sees the start of a new blog series called 'Pounds or Practically Pennies'; or 'POPP' as I will affectionately refer to it as. The premise is quite simple. I'll do the digging to find you high street designer and couture inspired goodies for the fraction of the prices - practically pennies you might say! Let's take a look at what I'm currently loving.

Ankle boots have been a sure go to staple throughout the past two seasons and understandably, there was a need for a slight update for another season in the limelight, and here they are - cut out ankle boots! The above Balenciaga and Alexander Wang pairs have been boasted on the feet of Rihanna, Rita Ora and Sharon Stone and for me, there's something satisfying about a bit of skin being seen where it normally wouldn't be - I like unconventional.
I'd say the Balenciaga pair are perfectly reminiscent of the 90's and are ideal for dancing and singing along to 'The Big Reunion' in your living room, especially if you've dug out your old CD's or re-downloaded your favourite 90's pop cheese. But, I'm more swayed to the Alexander Wang pair - they're just far more understated and less bulky in terms of my personal preference. 

Whatever your style, take a look at the selection I've hunted out below ranging from very close dupes to more unrestrained and developed styles. Most are under 10% of the prices above, it sounds much better already doesn't it? 

Office // Topshop // Topshop;
(Prices and stock are subject to change from the creation of this image!)

I'm always grateful for high street takes on designer pieces, not only because of the obvious price slash, but because they open up a whole new door for the high street to experiment with in terms of style and perfecting their own designs. I relish in seeing a balance between those thinking outside of the box to give us more accessible variations of a particular style, but also those who are determined to bring an almost exact designer/couture match. The perfect combination if you ask me. 

My favourites are a huge toss up between the Office 'Frontier', Topshop 'Adonis2' and the Topshop 'Afflex' pairs. The Adonis2's are perfect for Spring and Summer with their floral encounter, flash of blue and almost monochrome appearance, while the Topshop Afflex's are a little more dressy and sophisticated with a beautifully contrasted sole (just like the £761 Jill's). Finally, the Office Frontier's dare to peep at the unconventional with their exposed heel - of course a more notable feature of the sandal or slingback - whilst also embracing the skinny gold toecap, knocking out two trends in one. 

Are you liking this trend or do you think boots should remain boots; a winter staple without the skin on show? 

Just, don't step in any puddles. 


  1. Those floral topshop boots are just too adorable!!

  2. Those boots look hot! Glad you are a shoe lover, just like me:-) Would love if you want to follow each other.

  3. I love the balenciaga boots !


    Coline !

  4. Wow, you found some great cheaper pieces! I like this feature :P xo

  5. omg so cool- i love the topshop floral ones! they look proper sturdy! xx

  6. Great post, really cool blog overall, would be amazing if you could visit my blog too! Maybe we could follow each other as well if you like? Let me know what you think :).

  7. The floral Topshop ones are stunners! xo

  8. love the office undoin ones, great post idea too xx


  9. Lovely post, I need me a pair x

  10. I cannot express how much I love these new boots. I have very wide feet so I am hoping that having a buckle will allow for more room. I have my eye on the Top Shop ones! x

  11. Great post, gorge boots! I want them all! following you. xxxx


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