Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Patriotic Picks

With the Queens 60th Jubilee round the corner, Euro 2012 in 9 days, The Olympics in 58 days and our shambles at the Eurovision song contest - I've been looking at all things patriotic!

The weather is either too hot or too cold, we complain, we complain about complaining, we have scripted reality TV (need I say anymore on that matter?!), we queue, we are too polite or too rude and we become overly patriotic only when it matters. But, it's ours - would I change it? Probably not.

1. Yumi £40 // 2. River Island £30 // 3. Ju ju Jelly at Mr Shoes £21.99 // 4. Kath Kidston at Asos £16 // 5. Mr Shoes £19.99 // 6. Next £18 // 7. Dorothy Perkins £16 // 8. Topshop £34 // 9. River Island £15

With patriotism you can be overt or covert. We don't always want to look like Joey from Friends in his giant plush union jack hat. I'll admit... I bought one when I was 12 on a trip to Alton Towers. 

Let it be known
I love the Yumi and River Island jubilee inspired dresses! Pop on a cute summer dress adorned with red busses, telephone boxes, teacups and teapots, taxis, umbrellas, crowns, english roses, flags and bunting. 
It wouldn't be Great Britain without the Union Jack so a t-shirt bearing the symbol is a classic and hugely versatile.
Celebrate the past and classic designs with Next and The Olympic Museum who combined to create a collection of tops inspired by artwork and photos of past olympics. A look to the past and classic adverts are a sure winner.

Let's keep it simple

Finish a look by going British with a pair of classic Brogues or a cute mini union jack heart necklace by Cath Kidston. 
Want something casual?  Scarf prints are hot this season and this scarf print crown tee is perfect if you don't want to look too in your face- I love the simplicity of the design. 

Swans are protected by the crown so take a unique twist on the Jubilee with this swan motif skirt from Topshop.
Jelly shoes! These cuties by Ju Ju Jellies remind me of all my childhood summers! Holidays were spent on the UK coast wearing the same pair; just a few sizes smaller.

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  1. I love love love the Topshop swan skirt, which is why I bought both the skirt and the dress version (same pattern, but in white - it's now sold out).

    My version of patriotic dressing is going to be wearing red, white and blue, but no flags. I can't explain my massive aversion to flags, but it's real and I won't be wearing them!


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