Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Jeepers Creepers!

I don't find Creepers the most attractive shoes out there, I think they're far too gothic for me.
And admittedly, when I first saw flatforms I was sceptical (just as I was with the Slipper shoes) they looked far too clompy and like what I used to wear when I was doing my spice girls imitation when I was 7! But recently, I've seen some really gorgeous ones and I thought I'd share.

Izzel tassle brogue loafer creepers £29.99

These fab Loafer style flatforms/creepers are courtesy of Mr Shoes. They come in five great colours so you're spoilt for choice. I'm stuck between the black and the mustard.

1. Asos Vienna £40 Asos 2. Zeya suede £26.99 Missguided 3. Asos Verity Mary Jane £30 Asos 4. Asos Varsity £40 Asos 5. London Rebel Leopard £34.99 New Look 6. Asos Vera Pointed £40 Asos 7. Asos Vera Pointed £40 Asos 8. Monumental £45 Office 9. Monumental £45 Office

I really love the style of numbers 6 and 7, the sole is quite a bit bigger than the others and the suede follows throughout, they do them in a gorgeous black too and I'm tempted to buy! Any discount codes hanging about?

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