Wednesday, 8 May 2013

RapidShield Eyelash Conditioner

I've never considered taking care of and conditioning my eyelashes, but why not? They're not just a feature that can be enhanced for beauty but protect your eyes from dust, dirt and grit and take a heck of a beating from the elements and mascara. When you have lashes as sparse and short as mine with regular fallout you really do realise that you need to look after what you've got, even if what you've got isn't much.

RapidShield Eyelash Conditioner, part of the RapidLash range, is the wonder potion with 'triple benefits' that insists that 'Lashes will appear more conditioned with improved definition and luster*' over a 2 week period. Claiming to work on three levels, RapidShield aims to condition, shield, protect and nourish lashes; prime and prep lashes for mascara application and refresh/define by boosting volume and increasing shine and sheen. It's completely foolproof to apply, you simply use the thick bristle mascara wand to brush on the odourless clear formula where it dries almost instantly without a horrid sticky feeling. 

I've been using this product for over a month now and use it as a mascara base/primer and a conditioner to protect and nourish for those no make-up days. On application I do notice an improvement, my lashes fan out and lengthen slightly while mascara goes on more defined and volumised. After a few weeks small lashes I didn't know I had started to become apparent and my bottom lashes seemed to come out of nowhere. The differences aren't massively obvious but I've definitely noticed an improvement due to the condition they were in before. There is clear improvement on the fallout front too, I've not had any since using this even when going at heavy eye makeup with make-up wipes; this is probably due to the Sodium Hyaluronate which improves elasticity, Silk Amino Acids which act and repairing agents and Panthenol which seals in moisture and nourishment. There is absolutely no doubt that RapidShield has rescued my eyelashes from years of mascara abuse. At one point they seemed to start growing leaning together in small clusters so it's lovely to have them fan out again like normal.

Would I repurchase? I'm undecided, there's no doubt that it's done a great job, but would I pay £28 for it realistically? It's good for a beauty routine and a great addition if you want to look after your eyelashes but it isn't an absolute must have. I did really like it though.

Have you tried RapidShield or a similar Eyelash conditioner? Maybe you've tried RapidLash or RapidBrow, I'd love to know your thoughts and results. 


  1. I've never heard of anything like this before, such a shame it's so expensive, it sounds like it might help my abused lashes x

    Amy / srslylou

  2. conditioner for the eyelashes? i have heard everything now!! i'm gonna do some research..-Jade xxx

  3. oooo eyelash conditioner- love the sound of this! shame it's so expensive xx

  4. oh pricey, but the product sounds nice. i would love to try something like this, maybe find a cheaper version in boots! great post, has got me thinking i was to have something like this as part of my makeup routine :)

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  6. I love the sound of this, my eyelashes seriously need something like that! xo

  7. This does sound like a lovely product however £28 is a bit too much when there are other things you can use that are faaar cheaper. n example: castor oil. It's quite thick so you only need a tiny bit, I usually use this at night. Conditions my eyelashes nicely and maintains them. I find that my lashes looj thicker too! :)




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