Thursday, 6 September 2012


For the past three days I've been working on the same blog post so that's why you've not heard from me. This is just a filler post just to let you know I'm still here and also a 'I-forgot-to-post-this-a-while-ago-so-here-it-is-now' post. 
Woodland Folk 'Boris' cross stitch - The Range. £1.99 (or was it 99p?)
Card and Envelope - Paperchase. Approx £1
Ribbon and button - Local craft shop. Under £1

I made this card for a friend and lovely lady, Caroline, who owns and runs The Rabbit Residence Rescue where she dedicates her life to unwanted, unloved and dumped bunnies who initially have no future. I took my two up to her to board while we went away for a week on holiday and unfortunately my little girl Tigger developed a horrible disease called coccidiosis. It's one of those things that most or some rabbits carry, but only sometimes will it be triggered. It's incredibly contagious so how Jeeves (a former Rabbit Residence Rescue rabbit) never got it I will never know. In total Tigger and Jeeves stayed away from home for a month as Caroline was determined to get Tigger back on the road to recovery and refused to send her home ill which I found absolutely lovely. She used her stock meds, took them to her vets a couple of times and even had them stay in her bedroom through the worst parts. She was amazed at what a wonderful little fighter Tigger was, we could have lost her but due to Caroline's vigilance and Tigger's fight, she pulled through.
I think this card took me 13 hours, or at least the cross stitch part did - turning it into a card took a matter of minutes. It was worth the time though, me and Phil will be eternally grateful for her help as our little fluffs are so important to us. This card now sits happily in her new office (which we kitted out with hand handbuilt shelves and worktops!) 


  1. wow! thats great!! amazing...i wish i knew how to m ake one.

    1. It's honestly not too hard, this was only my second cross stitch attempt! If you get an easy one to start with I'm certain you won't have much trouble. If you buy a set they come with a pattern which indicates which colour goes exactly where, this one even indicated how to do the stitches. xx

  2. I adore bunnies! I'm not allowed pets in my flat at the moment so instead I just buy any ornament, picture or fabric with bunnies on to compensate!
    Coccidiosis is awful, I used to work for Pets at Home and we once had a break out, it's the most heartbreaking thing when you know you've done all you can to help. I'm so glad your bunny pulled through!


    1. Gosh I just cannot imagine a break out in Pets at Home, that must have been awful! And they're all so young too.

      Hopefully one day you'll be able to get a pair :) they're so demanding but absolutely worth it - wouldn't change mine for the world. xx


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