Monday, 23 July 2012

'A great wind is blowing, and that gives you either imagination or a headache.'

Wearing: Shirt from Primark, Biker Jacket from New Look,  
Wet Look Leggings and Sunglasses from Tesco 
and Converse (full of sand);
Sucky 'I need a wee pose'- my own.

This biker jacket has me completely infatuated. It seems New Look have bunked up the price on it, I swooped it up when it was originally £34.99 plus a 20% off promotion meaning I got it for £27.99. I want to wear it all summer even though I know this will be virtually impossible in the heat. I try and keep it on as long as I can at the moment because it's my wardrobe staple and favourite item, but I get so hot and risk getting in a pickle like Ross in Friends. I wish this shirt was a little longer, I love the detail on the collar but I feel it could do with a bit more length- this is a replacement since the first I got had a jolly great rip in the seam. The leggings are amazing, I've been tempted by a pair of wet look/disco pants to satisfy my inner diva and have read reviews online of some being too short or too high waisted. Found these beauties in Tesco for a bargain price and they fit a dream; they're the perfect length and THEY DON'T SAG AT THE KNEES. A victory. 

Had a lovely day at the beach yesterday, popped back to Southwold to ride a killer 400bhp powerboat on a high speed half hour blast. One word - Wow. 
Today has only really been spent editing some photos, I've realised I have far too many on my mac and they are in dire need of a sort out. What a mare that will be. 
Now off to get some cross stitch lessons from my mum- I may document my progress for you all to see. Fingers crossed, ho ho.  

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  1. what a fab outfit. you look great! :)



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