Monday, 27 February 2012

Living in a Fantasy...

... don't even know reality
Above: The Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl and Just My Luck

Masquerade balls, in my imagination and media interpretation, exude glamour, secrecy and seduction. It seems each book I read or each film or TV series I watch feature at least one of these; all the more making me yearn to attend one.
This Wednesday I have an excuse to dress up masquerade stylee for the first time as my photography group are having fun dress up evening where we will be the main models. Of course, this isn't the said scenario I had imagined above, yet it'll do for now.

Here are a selection of some of my favourite masks, quite a theme going on with the golds, blacks and nudes. 

1. Etsy partymask $76 USD approx £49.25 // 2. Just Posh Masks £35 // 3. Bluemoon Venice €55 // 4. Samantha Peach £39.99 // 5. Venice Masked Ball £7.99 // 6. Bluemoon Venice £23.50 // 7. Bluemoon Venice €16 // 8. ebay venice2802 // 9. ebay partymask £6.95

I settled on buying number 9, partly because it was the only one that would really go with my dress, but mainly because it was only £6.95, number five had sadly sold out and the rest were way out of my budget just for a bit of fun. A real masquerade bash would of course have me reconsider my options. 

I ordered it today and it was despatched right away hopefully in time for Wednesday. Tomorrow I'll pop into Boots to have a good look at the Revlon colourburst and matte lipsticks to find a gorgeous vivd red. They have an offer on at the moment- two Revlon products for £10- and what's annoying is that I have £9.97 in Boots advantage card points and, unless they've changed it recently, I won't be able to mix cash with points. 

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  1. O wow, they're all so gorgeous! Would love to go to a masquerade ball, you're right, there's something magical about them! x


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